About Siraf Petro Azma

About Laboratory

in order to meet the growing demand of various industries to control the quality of petroleum products and oil derivatives, Siraf Petroazma Lab launched its laboratory backed by skillful and experienced experts and staff , while obtaining the necessary permissions granted by relevant organizations based on international and domestic standards.

Siraf Petroazma Lab is privileged with The ISO / IEC 17025, issued by the national institute of standard and industrial research of Iran (ISIRI) in regards to high test result quality and conducting experiments which was awarded due to our technical team and experts’ concerted effort. ISO/IEC 17025 که نشان کیفیت پاسخ آزمون های مختلف در آزمایشگاه می باشد از سازمان ملی تایید صلاحیت ایران دریافت گردیده است .

This unit has the capability of conducting all ranges of oil products and derivatives experiments that are executed by the most competent staff and the latest lab technology which results in providing precise, accurate and cost-effective services.